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The pandemic has varying kinds and degrees of impact in our lives. While this crisis surely has negative impact in many aspects, some remain to have a stable income and maintain an emergency fund. In fact, some have also managed to increase net cash flow with reduced spending from eating out, daily commute, and travels. If you are among the fortunate ones, you can take advantage of the short-term opportunities for huge long-term gains in the real estate market which is set to make a quick recovery post-pandemic (Is it Wise to Invest in Real Estate Amidst COVID-19?).

Many reputable developers are offering more generous payment terms than ever during the crisis to help home buyers and investors manage their cash flows better. These promo terms include one or a combination of the following: (1) lower monthly payment terms; (2) lower reservation fee and spot cash downpayment; (3) extended payment terms.

Whether you’re an end-user or investor, here are four ways you can significantly benefit from the lockdown promo terms, which you may never have realized.

#1 Ability to Buy a Bigger Unit

With the current lower downpayment promo terms of various developers, you can get a 2-Bedroom unit for the same or lower monthly payment of what it would have cost you a 1-bedroom unit. Let us compare the regular payment term for a 1-bedroom and promo payment term for a 2-bedroom of the same project in Pasig to show just how big an advantage you get when you buy properties under a promo term.

Illustrative Example: Condo development in Pasig

If you are an end-user, this would allow you to live more comfortably with a bigger space to accommodate the ever-growing needs of your family. If you are an investor looking for rental income, you would be able to cater to families with more stable residency, and thus, minimizing your risk of vacancy.

#2 Ability to Buy an Upscale Property in a More Strategic Location

Perhaps you are in a position where you are thinking about buying an upscale property in a more strategic and highly accessible location near your work place or close to your favorite malls, but you are wary of the big spot cash downpayment they offer. Aside from lower monthly payment terms, some developers also offer smaller and stretched spot cash downpayment options. Let us compare the promo term versus the regular term of a project in Ortigas Center:

Illustrative Example: Upscale condo development in Pasig

For end-users, this would allow them to experience a sophisticated living experience in a development with high exclusivity, low density, and topnotch amenities and interior finish. For investors, on the other hand, this would mean attracting high profile tenants and higher monthly rental income.

#3 Ability to Buy your First-Ever Property

For those who have been planning to get their own space or have been looking to invest in a property, but found that their preferred property was just a bit too much from the perspective of the monthly payments due, now would also be a good time to explore this option again. Let us take a 1-bedroom option in the condominium project in Pasig presented above as an example:

Illustrative Example: Condo development in Pasig

#4 Ability to Better Manage your Cash Flow

Perhaps you can afford your ideal property but simply want to lower your monthly cash outlay. In the same example above, you can lower your cash outflow every month by more than Php10,000, which you can use toward another investment. Remember that in investments, cash flow is king. Anytime you can lower your cash outlay for investments now without sacrificing any benefit.

If buying a property is something that you’ve been planning whether for your future home or for long-term financial gains, now is a great time to take advantage of the lockdown promos. Those who look to maximize short-term opportunities will be able to come out of this crisis in a very good long-term position.

Ready to get started on your journey? Sign up for a free online consultation with me to get advice on property that best suits your needs, aligns with your cash flow, and maximizes your earning potential.



Edric Maguan is an avid real estate investor, an experienced and accredited Real Estate Broker of several top developers, and a Certified Public Accountant from University of the Philippines - Diliman. He found his passion in inspiring and empowering people to make the most out of their hard-earned money through real estate investment. Read full biography here.


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