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  • Home buyers and investors who are currently looking to buy a PRE-SELLING property,

  • With a monthly budget of at least 20,000 (a decent amount to invest in a good location), and

If you’re looking for resale/pasalo/rfo, click here to check out our deals.

  • Are not real estate professionals such as broker, agent, salesperson and the like


This is a FREE 30-minute Q&A discussion with Edric Maguan via video call to:



Come up with a strategy for your next pre-selling property which aligns with your goals and situation


Discuss your pre-selling options with high growth/demand potential that best suit your investment strategy

Note: Advice for recently purchased property or existing properties is out of scope.


Edric Maguan is affiliated with the most reputable and trusted developers, offering a wide range of affordable to luxury residential developments in Metro Manila and adjacent emerging cities.

With this, he is able to recommend the property that's truly right and best for you.

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| Ayala Land Premier | Rockwell Land | Rockwell Primaries |

Ortigas & Co. | Shang Properties | Megaworld | Federal Land | RLC Residences | VCDC | Transphil Real Estate

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He is an avid real estate investor, a Licensed Real Estate Broker, and a Certified Public Accountant – making him the perfect partner for your real estate investment success.


He provides advice from an investor's point of view, rather than a Salesperson – so you can be assured that you make the right investment decision and you make the most of your hard-earned money.

Testimonials About the Consultation

"Matagal ko nang gusto mag invest sa real estate. Ang dami ko nang na research na properties pero dahil ang lalaki ng downpayments, walang nag mamaterial na plans. Ever since I had the consultation with Edric, I gained a sense of confidence because he was able to open my eyes to other possibilities or other "diskarte" on how to start. He answered all of my questions with enthusiasm and even shared his own journey." - Bryle

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