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Edric has been very helpful and very patient! He makes time to understand the needs of his client and gives all possible options to help you decide on the best option. I've been always so cautious in choosing a broker, but his CPA background made me more comfortable to trust him...

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It's been a year since I started my investment.. and true to his analysis, the market value just keeps on rising! Yes to more gains 😁 Thanks, Edric!



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Edric Maguan can be the most excellent real estate broker you can get! :) Coming from my personal experience with him last year, this basically stems from 3 important things:

1. He is competent in the real estate field - being a licensed broker accredited by several top-tier companies...

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2. He is competent when it comes to accounting and financials being a Cert. Public Accountant (CPA) and a UP graduate - which is what makes him unique and more insightful about assets and investments vs. others

3. Beyond being a professional, he treats you like a colleague or a friend (which makes consultations with him painlessly easy, trustworthy and that of quality)



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Making my first big purchase was a big step. I had to really make sure that that property is aligned with my current needs and future plans. Thankfully, Edric helped me throughout the process- from probing my needs, to giving me well-thought of options that are aligned with those needs, to providing solutions when I had concerns, to making things seamless when I finally made the decision...

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Edric’s knowledge of real estate and network of several developers, in different locations and property types has really equipped me in my decision making. Even after my purchase, his assistance continued. His constant updates on my property's increase in market value give me assurance that I made the right decision. His holistic, end-to-end approach to supporting his clients is his biggest strength.



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Whenever we would discuss real estate, whether it be in a formal meeting or by a random conversation, he would always have relevant and detailed data to back up his work. I then feel at ease to discuss with him my concerns, because I know that he would not suggest anything blindly without the data to back it up...

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He also makes it better by explaining it in a way that I would understand. I highly recommend at least setting up a 1-hour meeting with Edric if you are still unsure or have questions about real estate.



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My journey started years ago with me asking Edric over and over again to send computations from different top-tiered developers, only to find myself mentally not ready. Over time, Edric has helped me embrace the risks involved, as well as the opportunities that will open up for me through acquiring properties...

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Edric has been very patient since I had to follow Feng Shui. He knows how to help clueless people like me by making things simple and really extending his services over the little things.​ Highly recommend!



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Purchasing property was such a breeze with Edric. He is one of the most professional brokers I have ever met. As a first step to the engagement, he tried to understand our needs very well. This allowed him to recommend quite a good selection of properties to choose from at the onset. His background in finance also comes in handy as he provided beyond the usual information about capital appreciation, gains using the power of leverage, etc... 

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And he thoughtfully put these together in a manner that's not typical of brokers' templates. This made it a lot easier for us to make a well-informed choice on our purchase. Whether you are buying for your own use, or looking for an investment, Edric can help out for sure. His professionalism and service-orientation is really top-tier.

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