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Real Estate Broker and Investor

At a young age, his passion and dedication in the real estate field is unparalleled. He started investing in real estate in his early 20s. He is a Founder & CEO of a property consultancy and brokerage firm, as well as a Managing Partner of a real estate company dedicated to buying, selling, leasing and developing properties.


As a real estate broker, his service goes beyond facilitating a seamless buying experience. He aims to add value by helping his clients make a strategy and get a property that can truly maximize their earning potential.


To do this, he uses both his knowledge as an avid investor and his strong financial background as a Certified Public Accountant from University of the Philippines – Diliman.

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Mission & Purpose

He aims to inspire and enable more hardworking Filipinos to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.


He believes that real estate investing is simple and can be done by anyone, even with little money and even with a full-time job. In reality, succeeding in it is not as difficult as it seems with the right mindset, discipline, and resourcefulness.

That’s why he created his Youtube channel, called “Edric Maguan - The Real Deal” – featuring videos about the fundamentals, strategies, and tools to succeed in real estate.

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What Clients Say

"Edric is very good in providing relevant information, advice, and support needed to jumpstart investments in real properties. I appreciate his strong quantitative knowledge and market expertise, transparency in fully disclosing risks, and tailor-fitted recommendations based on client needs. Real property investments require long-term commitment but it's difficult to make such if you don't have a trustworthy and reliable broker - and I thank Edric for helping and supporting me make that big decision." - Jeff, Finance Manager
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